New York Times Bestselling Books to read

The New York Times bestseller list is a popular compilation of some of the bestselling books in the USA. The list is often released after on a weekly basis and in relation to various selection factors. This list has been published since early in the nineteen thirties. Various types of books have been included in the list. Over the years, it has developed to incorporate various types of book genres. In most cases, the list is often compiled by various editors. The editors do not come from the New York Times book review department but in a special New Survey group. More so, the books are chosen based on various factors including sales reports from all over the country. The sales numbers are believed to represent a significant aspect of the performance levels of the book.


Here are some of the top books that have been on the list


Best books


Oathbringer: Book Three of the Stormlight Archive

This book falls in the fantasy genre, and it has been written by an American author known as Brandon Sanderson. This book is the third version in the Stormlight Archive series, and it was mainly published by Tor Books in November of 2017. More so, this book comprises of as many as 122 chapters, an epilogue and 14 interludes. Similar to all its predecessors, the book contains a thrilling storyline which makes it a top rated book. While it’s not about the popular antioxidant alkaline water benefits, it’s a good read definitely!


Hardcore Twenty-Four: A Stephanie Plum Novel


This book has been written by Janet Evanovich, and it’s the latest in the Sleuth Stephanie Plum series. The book follows the story of various corpses that are found in the streets of New Jersey. The thrilling book follows the story of a homeless man that is dumped behind a church. Stephanie Plum is then left with the task of finding the perpetrator of the crime. She is joined by other characters in the story including Diesel, who is her six-foot-tall boyfriend. Other include Joe Morelli and the Janitor.


The midnight line is also another excellent novel that is found on the New York Times Bestselling Books to read. The story has been written by a British Writer who is known as Lee Child. In particular, this is classified as the twenty-second book in the Jack Reacher line of books. It was released in November 2017, and the story follows the activities of Jack Reacher. It followed his experiences in the Midwest when he was largely involved in the Opioid trading business. During this time, pharmaceutical companies took extreme measures to make a profit, which makes up for an interesting storyline.


In summary, the New York Times Bestselling Books to read is an excellent place for any reading enthusiast to start. It has some of the top books that are available all over the world today, and the information is legitimate. The books cover various genres and are highly rated by authors within the country. Also, these books have excellent themes which make up for an unrivaled entertainment experience.